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Benifits of Our Home Made Desi Pinjiri

-Panjiri is known as a traditional healing food for mothers. They should eat it right after giving birth, because their bodies require a lot of energy.

-The ingredients used in panjiri can help the mothers regain their strength and provide them with nutrients, which are essential to breastfeed.

-It provides energy and cures postnatal depression.

-It contains healthy ingredients thus, can be used as a snack without the fear of harming your body in any way.

-Panjiri is known to increase the immunity of our body and thus, cures common colds that one catches in winters quite easily.It keeps your body warm from inside.

-Panjiri generates heat inside the body which is used by our body to heal it from inside, so it is really beneficial for people who have any sort of a wound especially mothers right after giving birth.

-Also it helps in gaining muscles, provide better health, improves digestive system& to end all kinds of weakness.